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昨日,全球搜索引擎战略大会在美国圣何塞开幕,该次大会是由搜索引擎专家丹尼.苏利文(Danny Sullivan)主持。以下是从SES官方网站为大家转过来的英文信息: The Premier Event for Search Engine Marketing Optimization Will Return to San Jose, California August 7th - 10th, 2006 We’ve just wrapped up the SES San Jose’05 event that was another record setter! Huge crowds packed the session rooms and expo floor from wire-to-wire. The Search industry keeps growing and evolving at a dizzying pace. Jump on board now before it is too late. Event Overview: Organized by world-renowned search authority Danny Sullivan. Delivers real-time actionable information you need to grow your business through search engine marketing. Teaches the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top search experts and the search engines themselves. Provides a unique setting to network with fellow marketers and search engine industry professionals and discuss the trends in search engine marketing. Grants access to the world’s most comprehensive gathering of search engine marketing optimization-related solutions providers and potential partners affiliates. Get the latest event information at the SES Blog Event Information: The links below provide more information about the conference. To see the complete time and session schedule for all four days go to the Conference at a Glance . For Conference session descriptions and a list of the speakers, go to: Agenda - August 7 Agenda - August 8 Agenda - August 9 Agenda - August 10 Search Engine Strategies Conference Expo 2006 features presentations and panel discussions that cover all aspects of search engine-related promotion. What You Will Learn: how search engines list Web sites for free and through paid placements how to get free “organic” traffic by building a site that pleases search engines and your visitors how to efficiently purchase listings guaranteed to rank your company at the top of search engine results. how to calculate the ROI of your search marketing efforts by tracking your visitors from the time they hit your site until they buy—and get tips on improving conversion if they don’t! how to build links that generate traffic to your Web site, and how to avoid the penalties of “spamming” the search engines what’s coming next in the constantly evolving world of Web search, and how you can profit from those changes 以上英文信息来源地址: 163 647 842 96 153 757 490 497 707 433 703 932 579 35 109 824 643 77 830 34 24 577 993 684 844 987 208 385 716 713 737 373 602 735 907 934 483 82 323 447 42 884 663 400 556 987 305 529 730 548

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